Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my dog be groomed?2019-09-04T22:53:08+00:00

The lifestyle and living conditions act as a guide and is taken in to consideration when deciding the length of time between visits.

Dogs who requires regular clipping/grooming such as Poodles, Oodles, Maltese, Shih Tzus etc should be groomed every 4-6 weeks.

Bath dogs such as Labradors, Shepherds, Collies etc every 6-8 weeks.

How long does grooming take?2019-09-04T22:52:42+00:00

Upon booking an appointment, the groomer will ask specific questions to determine the condition of the coat etc. This information provides an idea on an extra time that may be required.

Generally, a groom will take 2 hours. Longer if required.

Is my dog washed in cold water?2019-09-04T22:52:15+00:00

No. Lovely warm water with the ability to change the flow of pressure to suit all areas of the dog’s body. For example, around the face and sensitive areas.

Do you bath my dog first?2019-09-04T22:51:45+00:00

To achieve an even clip or cut the coat needs to be clean. A thorough wash is an important part of every groom.

Depending on the condition of the coat, a clip prior to a bath may be required.

A four wash process provides a clean, fresh start to a great result.

Is my dog dried?2019-09-04T22:51:19+00:00

All dogs are dried after washing using a combination of drying techniques.

Towel drying, Force drying and Stand drying.

Towel drying is used after the bath to remove excess water from the coat.

Force drying is a hand held method to blow water from the coat and is an effective way to achieve different drying requirements.

Stand drying is used to assist with drying in a less hands on way. The dryer can blow warm air from different angles and is especially useful for around the face or for dogs who are unsettled by driers.

My dog’s coat is tangled and knotted. Can I keep it long?2019-09-05T03:24:19+00:00

If a dog’s coat is not brushed or maintained it can cause matting. This is unhealthy for the dog’s skin, coat and general wellbeing.

De-matting is painful and can cause distress and skin irritation. If the matting can be removed without creating anxiety to the dog it may be possible to save the length of the coat.

Clipping the coat short is usually the best option, however, it is always better to prevent matting from becoming an issue to begin with. Consultation with the groomer is required.

Can I stay and watch my dog?2019-09-04T22:49:52+00:00

Pet parents are welcome to view the salon and see where the grooming will take place.

It is not advised that an owner stay for the grooming process. Generally, if a dog can see you they want to be with you and this causes them to become anxious and move around.

Groomers work with sharp equipment and need to work with the dog to avoid any distractions for the safety of all concerned.

It is required that you leave and return to collect after grooming. They will be just as happy to see you then!

Can I leave my dog all day?2019-09-04T22:48:57+00:00

Unfortunately, day care services are unavailable and not part of the grooming service.

To ensure that your dog enjoys their time being pampered it is asked that you return at the agreed time to pick up.

If you are running behind time please contact the groomer to advise.

Why are prices not shown by Groomers?2019-09-04T22:48:15+00:00

The dog’s age, weight, temperament, behaviour, coat condition, style, and special requirements are to be considered. An assessment is required to determine cost.

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