Dog Grooming Terms of Service

Thank you for choosing Bonny Dog Spa. We will make every effort to ensure that your pets experience with us is safe and enjoyable.

The utmost care is taken and lots of love and support is given during every visit. However, it is important to understand that even with our best efforts there are some risks involved and our furry friends can react differently in a new environment.

Grooming is a team effort between groomer, pet and owner and we hope that by reading this agreement we can give you a better understanding of our job.

The outcome always being the safety and happiness of our pets and all involved.


For some pets, grooming can be stressful and may expose hidden medical problems or aggravate a pre-existing one, either during or after the groom. Senior pets and those with known health problems are at greater risk and will be groomed for cleanliness and comfort rather than style in order to keep any stress or discomfort to an absolute minimum.

We ask that you keep us informed of any health issues. In the best interest of your pet, this agreement gives Bonny Dog Spa permission to obtain immediate veterinary attention if deemed necessary at your vet or the nearest available at your expense. We will do our best to contact you first.


There is always the possibility an accident could occur. Grooming equipment is very sharp. Although Bonny Dog Spa uses extreme caution at all times, accidents such as cuts, nicks, scratches, burning, irritation etc may happen. This can happen when a pet is moving around on the table, in the bath or when being dried. In the event of an accident, we will inform you and seek veterinary care immediately if it is serious.

For the safety of all involved, it is asked that you do not allow your pet to see or hear you during the groom as this causes stress and additional movement and concerns for the dog and groomer.


Pets with matted coats require extra attention. Matts left in the coat grow tighter and eventually cause a variety of health and skin issues. Heavy matting can trap water and urine near the skin and result in fungus and bacteria to thrive. This produces irritations that cannot be seen prior to a groom and Bonny Dog Spa will not be responsible for any damage to the skin hidden underneath.

We will not continually de-mat your pet. If the matting is minor and can be brushed out and the wellbeing of your pet is still maintained the matts may be removed by de-matting tools/brushes etc. Heavier matting to the coat will result in a shave down/clip off. If you refuse to have the matting removed by clipping/shaving down of the coat, service will be refused in the interest of the welfare of your pet.

Clipping/shaving heavily matted coats has a much higher risk of cuts/abrasions due to skin growths, hot spots, irritations etc being trapped underneath. After removal of a dog’s coat via clipping or shaving some side effects can occur. Redness, itching, self-inflicted abrasions from rubbing/licking/scratching, bruising, haematoma, failure to regrow hair, increased risk of sunburn and behavioural changes. Prevention is better than cure and regular grooms and/or maintenance are the best options. You acknowledge and accept the extra risks and fees associated with matt removal procedures.


We DO NOT recommend shaving/clipping double coats except for medical reasons. There is a chance that the coat will be irreversibly be damaged and not re-grow the same if at all. If you must have your double-coated dog shaved/clipped you accept responsibility for any damage or future problems that occur as a result. Unevenness of the clipping can also not be avoided due to the length of time it takes to perform this service and to minimise stress to the dog.


We recommend that your pets are immunised and will only accept puppies two weeks after the last dose of their initial course of vaccinations. You assume all risks and consequences that may result if you do not keep vaccinations current and up to date.


We recommend that you protect your pet from fleas and parasites. Infested animals will be refused service in the best interest of all Bonny Dog Spa clientele.


Owners must inform Bonny Dog Spa if your pet(s)bites, has bitten or is aggressive towards people, other pets or any procedures used in the grooming process. Muzzles may be used if necessary to protect both the pet and groomer from injury.

If the pet is deemed to be too dangerous or places the groomer or the safety of the pet in harm the groom will not be completed. Please understand this is the most mature and responsible outcome for all involved. If your pet does bite and causes injury you will be held responsible for all related medical bills, recovery costs, loss of income and equipment damage.


We will not sedate your pets or work with sedated pets. Please do not bring sedated pets as this is unsafe for the pet and groomer. If you have a pet that can not be managed by the normal grooming procedures you will have to work/consult with your vet.


Bonny Dog Spa reserves the right to refuse, stop or cancel service at any time before or during the groom. We may refuse service if we believe the pet to be ill, aggressive, erratic, lethargic etc and not safe to groom. Repeated no shows or last-minute cancellations and pet owners with rude, harassing or threatening behaviour will be refused service.

Bonny Dog Spa offers the very best of service and care for every pet and owner and is happy to discuss any concerns or changes that may be required to achieve the best result.


Please toilet your dog before the appointment. This really makes a difference to the comfort of your pet.


We respectfully ask for 24 hours notice prior to an appointment change or cancellation. We realise that emergencies happen and will work with you to offer an alternative arrangement. Last-minute cancellations or no shows will result in a 50% fee of the service cost.

Payable before or at the next appointment. If you are more than 15 minutes late with I no communication the appointment will be cancelled and offered to another client. As a small business owner, we hope you understand the need to advise you of the above information.


Please be on time for drop off and pick up. If you arrive early to pick up, please keep in mind that we have sharp equipment and if your dog can hear or see you they may move quickly and cause injury to themselves or the groomer.

If you are late to pick up your pet a fee may apply. We are not offering a day-care service at this time and do not have the time available to accommodate. Any more than 20 minutes late will have a minding fee added to the service.


We do not express anal glands, pluck or flush ears. These are the job of a vet. We will wipe gently the inside of the ear when drying and trim any excess hair on the outside to improve airflow.


Payment is to be made upon pick up.


Bonny Dog Spa is lucky to have lovely pet owners and pets visiting. We adore working with you and greatly appreciate your kindness and respect. Thank you for letting us be part of making sure your pet is happy, comfortable and loved! X